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30 Kalaroo Road, Redhead NSW, Australia
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02 4944 9199
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Established in 1983 and operating out of Redhead near Newcastle Australia, Airborne directly employs 30 people and exports to more than 30 countries. Airborne is a world leader in microlight aircraft design and currently certifies these designs to Australian Civil Aviation and UK Civil Aviation standards, currently the highest level of certification in the industry. This has allowed Airborne to sell it's aircraft into strictly regulated markets such as the UK, Germany, and Israel. Other markets the company sells to include China and the USA. Airborne microlights are also used by some international organizations for Conservation and Archeology projects. Microlights operating in Indonesia and Africa have monitored and protected animals such as Elephants and Orangutans. A crop spraying system has been developed to use on Airborne microlights and this will allow countries like China and some African nations a low cost option for aerial spraying of their crops. The company also manufacture's a complete range of hang gliders for the World market to suit novice, intermediate and advanced pilots. Airborne holds production approvals from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). The companies production system is audited by that authority on a regular basis.

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