AU $117,000

2017 Magni

Aircraft Details
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School demo. Dual control. Electric Trim and PTT.
Fully maintained by Airborne. First flight 07/04/2017.
Price reduced due to extra hours on clock.
M24 Orion with the VIP package. Hangered at Lake Macquarie Airport near Newcastle.
Call Russell Duncan on 0439 922 133 to book a demo.
Visit the Magni Gyro website:
Note: Ipad/iPhone not included.

Chrome-alloy aeronautical 4130 steel, TIG welded.

Turbo Rotax 914, 115Hp 4 cylinders, 4-stroke, water-cooled. Electric starter. Three-bladed propeller in carbon fibre with ground adjustable pitch.

28ft diameter two-bladed rotor in composite materials manufactured by Magni Gyro. Mechanical pre-rotator.

Rotor rev counter, altimeter, air-speed indicator, vertical compass, EMS and fuel level gauge.

Cabin Heating. Dual control. Electric Trim and PTT.

Carbon fuselage, undercarriage, wheel pants and rudder in resin. Padded seats. Integral 82lt fuel tank manufactured in epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass.